Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off to the Lil Shop of Horrors

Well Friday is upon us and almost a full week since I unplugged and always an adventure to see what the hangover will bring. This time it seemed the the recovery process a bit slower as harder to purge the poison out and had a more fatigued week but at least we're pau and every day gets stronger and feels better although we have a never ending runny nose that shows no sign of stopping. The senses still running amuck too with my sense of smell being really acute and I am again feeling a complete lack of patience and aggravation on things...sorry if you got any of that but just can't deal with certain things as odd as that sounds-hearing a bit of an issue but not as bad. Hopefully, we wont have any adverse effects with the upcoming carboplatin I will be receiving as they are a bit concerned. A known side effect of the platinum's is it can do permanent damage so monitoring closely.

Now it appears Halloween is upon me early as am preparing to head up to Queens and into the bowels of the basement to the Little Shop of Horrors....RADIATIONVILLE. It has not gone unnoticed on me they have to bury the place underground! Today is what they choose to call a "planning session" where we review the timeline for the upcoming treatment and then make my "mask." I know that is actually a good thing as it will be molded to my face to protect as much area as possible and allegedly only allows beams through to certain areas needing treatment but to be honest, this is starting to unnerve me a bit. I have been very fortunate to have made it through the chemo phase relatively unscathed and can only hope the same holds true for this portion. This truly is the the 800 lb gorilla in the treatment of this type of cancer but the reality of what this is capable of in it's side effects is not making me happy as the brain runs amuck-believe me there have been some great success stories from people who have done this..but just as with the chemo, the horror stories are even more abundant as some of this can be permanent so we just have to pray for the best.

One day at a time and maybe after today I will feel a bit more confident and comfortable....or then again, maybe not

We'll see

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