Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st and 2nd's

First round of Carboplatin administered today after a plethora of delays that made me almost 3 hours late for my second radiation session, no lunch and no work. It continues to amaze me how often these Doctors can fall soooo far off schedule-and not really care. I had an appointment at 11 am at the Oncologist to do blood and a quick review of some scans they did last week and then go into the "chemo room" for my first in house chemo and that was to be followed with my now regular 1:20 radiation. Should be simple huh considering the Doctors actually spoke and had the nurses schedule this day. HA! Not a chance we make it as it after 1 when I am finally done with my exam and haven't even gotten to the "chemo room." I ask the nurse to call over to radiation and let them know as I am fully aware of how tight a ship they run as it was only yesterday we got my schedule finalized. Anyway as it is my first time with this crew of in house nurses I find out quickly the 1 hour I was told I will need for chemo is way off base today. They must test, poke and prod all the while trying to track down the proper dosage to administer. Hey there's a good idea! Again-you'd think this was done in advance. Turns out my Doctor was in a bone marrow procedure and rightfully couldn't be disturbed and no one else wnated to run the calculations-VERY FRUSTRATING.

Finally, it is 2:30 and we are jsut now administering the Carboplaitn and thus far, the mellow baby brother he is turning out to be and that is a good thing. During this time, the scheduling nurse is trying to figure out how we can schedule every week and she comes up with 12:30. I again remind her to take into consideration my 1:20 that is already set and I do not want to change, nor do they I find out, so therefore how can this time work to both see the Doc AND get my juice???? She having a very hard time with that so I leave it in her hands to figure that one out and she has until next Tuesday so we'll just have to see.

It is almost 4 when I get off the elevator in the dungeon and much to my surprise, I walk right in, get prepped and am on the Beast and back out the door by 4:30. A much better experience than yesterday as I think I actually dozed off after the stress of the earlier appointment. The combination of both the chemo and the radiation has me a bit tired tonight but knock on wood, at least for now all is good. Lets see how long we can keep this up!

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