Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Doc!

Well I had this whole April Foolish caper all thought out for my post today but thought better of it as some of you may not have appreciated the levity-AND I have something real to post anyway. Just left my appointment with the new Doctor. On a first impression, I feel great about him. The man actually showed interest in certain items that were previously glossed over, spent time explaining what he was proposing, why, as well as what to expect. Best of all, he asked and answered my questions in a fashion that actually made me feel like he cared! What a pleasant relief this appointment was! CHEE HOOO!

That said and as expected, we are all set up for admittance for my 3rd and final cycle of my inpatient treatment next week. From there, he will be speaking with the radiologist and confirming the plan for the next cyce of treatments. At this point it looks like a 7 1/2 week radiation program augmented by a once a week Carboplatin chemo treatment (the much less toxic and better tolerated baby brother to that nasty Cisplatin they give me in the hospital). Isn't communication is great!

Oh-LOL!-he simply shruged off the mediport when I asked and told me my choice but at this point-why bother-you apparently do fine with the PICC in the hospital and why go through the procedure for 7 one hour weekly treatments-your veins look great and we have plenty to choose from for such a minimal regiment.

And to think-that is was set it all off with Mr Bill!

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