Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy week

We are coming off a great weekend as was able to do an impromptu "staycation" in Waikiki for a friends birthday. Surprised everyone there, including me, as to how good I was feeling and had a great night. We made a weekend of it and broke in the new "Edge" pool at the Sheraton-a well needed nice surprise. Thank you Lisa-thank you Greg and Happy Birtday Kevin!

Now a full week ahead of me that I can only hope will be as productive and we've kicked the hangover of round 2 before I go in for the 3rd and final extended Queens stay next week. Prior to that though, due to the issues I had with the previous oncologist, I have 4 appointments with assorted Doctors this week to get a handle on what the real game plan is for Stage 2 as it is nearing on the horizon. I'm feeling pretty good that after all the trouble with the last guy, that the new one we are bringing in will be much more communicable with the team and that going to be a plus. This week will tell. The disadvantage to this is I was actually hoping to fly up to Houston this week and get their take on my progress and thoughts going forward. Now have to table that for a few weeks as simply no time. The good thing however, is whomever I do ultimatly speak with on other opinions will know what the game plan here will be and can compare notes so to speak.

Speaking of the now infamous Mr. Bill, I guess I took a few days off from updating so never gave you the latest and the "final straw." The short version is he apparently saw fit to once again get a jab in and attempt to further make my treatment difficult.

I go for one of last weeks appointments and meet with my oncological nurse. She just flat asks with a smirk what is my version of what the hell happened in there? Mind you we get along great and she is fuly aware of the challenges and scheduleing issues the office is capable of. She is as disgusted as we are although for the obvious political reasons of wanting to keep her job, keeps her opinions to a minimum, although makes it quite clear she not suprised as has seen it before and is in my corner. She continues by flipping through a file that has some kind a patient discharge and transfer paperwork in it and she confirms where I live and that he knows and then just rolls her eyes and says sarcastically "what is he doing, this certainly isn't going to work." Turns out that as expected, he has chosen to pass me off to anther oncologist within their "group" allegedly for the purposes of having all my files although I still think it is to keep the revenue stream flowing. I of course never had any intention of takng his referral advise regardless simply out of principle, but to find the true insult here is that with no less than a dozen Doctors in this office, he opts to boot me to one that doesn't even see patients at the Queens facility, but ONLY at the Pali Momi satellite office. For those on the mainland, the Queens facility is the primary medical facility in Honolulu, where all my other physicians are I might add, and relatively convenient to my home and office, yet he feels compelled to send me to facility in a completely different part of the island that is definitely NOT convenient.
We talk further and she leaves to go see about getting me set up with the Doctor my primary and I have already chosen right here in the building. Somehow, this file seems to have been left behind (wink wink) so I am now privy to his version of the encounters and reasoning for "transferring" my case. What an eye opener that reading was as it so so riddled false and misleading statements to support his "non compliant behavior" statement of me that it might just border on legal slander as he has apparently circulated the memo.

He has left me no choice at this point, but in order to essentially protect myself, my own formal letter will be forthcoming.

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