Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not my best

Whew-not my best folks-not by a long shot. Nothing new to report exactly, just the wicked hangover acting up. Woke up feeling as bad as I think I have since we started this merry go round and it never really got better. Just one of those days, very out of body actually as felt a bit delirious much of it and grouchy.......yes the lack of patience was in full swing still and was enhanced by some really elevated senses. Everything was annoying my ears and balance, things were seemingly extremely loud. I also noticed an enhanced sense of smell that almost did me in as well. As I did venture out briefly to go by my office, Pam saw some of this in full force and can attest to my less than stellar attitude. I thought she was speaking to loudly and just wanted quiet for the few moments I was there but apparently she was not. Sorry. Then when I am leaving, it truly was the closest I have gotten to getting nautious and physically ill as a women got on the elevator, and I'm sure it probably wasn't that bad, but the amount and the scent of her perfume was intolerable. We won't even go into computer or traffic issues while you feel like this.......The fun things this stuff puts you through.

Made it home however wthout taking anybody's head off and took a nap as that is what I obviously needed. When I got up, I felt a bit better and very restless. I know I'm not up for the club just yet but needed to move, get outside and do something. It was late in the afternoon and the sun low enough on the horizon that I felt comfortable taking my little lilly white alien head out into the elements. Remember, the poor thing has never seen the light of day before and under the best of circumstances, you have to be extremely careful with the sun when you have this garbage still running though you as I know it is. Anyway, was probably a bit premature trying to get in some exercise but did get some laps done in the pool. It didn't last long, but it felt good to get wet and stretch. Now for some dinner and sleep to put this day behind me.

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  1. Just hi and I hope tomorrow is better. Love you. Aunt M