Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Back....Home too

Sorry for the delay but been a rough couple days-nothing major, just out of it and the whole computer thing just wasn't in the cards. As many of you know I did escape Saturday night without much fanfare. Fortunately, sans the Mr. Bill confrontation, this round went quite well again with nothing unusual health wise to report thank goodness. I don't recommend it but as long as I don't have a choice in the matter......As a matter of fact, I felt so good Saturday upon my release, decided to fire up some steaks with Mom and Lisa when we got home. Could have done without the grill smoke but boy were they tasty. Left the vino to them but the fact I am eating like a horse and have put some weight back on they say is good as I did drop too much too fast last time. Now to get through this "hangover" period and be able to get back on a workout schedule as to not gain it all back.......

Speaking of hangovers, a longtime family friend of ours who has recently gone through his own version of this, and been kind enough to guide me through some of the unknown and unexpected through his own experiences via his journal, e-mails and this blog. There are others out there as well and I thank you, but am mentioning this in particular as in his journal, he uses that phrase "hangover" to describe the lingering feelings of one of these treatments. They vary in severity and duration just as you may well be familiar with yourself so I'll be perfectly honest-I'm going to plagiarize it!- Hope that's OK Jack but it sums it up perfectly.

Yesterday I awoke after a terrible night sleep and realized I might have been a bit overzealous donning my chefs hat with the girls as felt like hell. Just think hangover-out of mind and weak weak weak, not necessarily nauseous but you don't want noise, light, conversation...changing channels on the TV is a challenge and exhausting so that was my Sunday. BLAH! (It's a real side effect... the blah's are in my prep materials-LOL) That might further explain how it is now Monday and I'm just updating this blog-again....the thought of hitting these keys just made me ill.

It continued throughout today and brought along a little friend in "annoyance." I did notice it last round but didn't mention but as it seems to have gotten progressively worse this round, it certainly does as this hangover also seems to test your patience. It actually started much earlier this time although I'm sure Mr. Bill had something to do with it as well. The littlest things.........SNAP! Sorry for those of you that have witnessed as that is so not my usual style. Anyway, I did go in this afternoon and get my booster and for right now, were doing okay. Let's see how another night sleep and more forced hydration will help for Tuesday.

Oh-FYI-there is movement on my next move and how to put the Mr. Bill issue to rest and I do believe a formal letter will be forthcoming after all. I also found I have some allies in the office I had some discussion with today-we'll have more details on that tomorrow-Good Night

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