Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks's Day

Well, over 24 hours in and although I didn't get to partake in the annual St Pat's festivites like the parade on the trolley and Murphy's block party, I was rewarded by again not running into the perennial train either. I got my doses of the 2 nasties as well as the ongoing 5FU yesterday and seem to be doing fine. No real side effects to report except I am getting fatigued faster and have already had a bout with those hiccups again a little earlier than last. Again, however if I can keep this up as is, I'LL TAKE IT!

I did have a neat surprise first thing however. I mentioned the trolley and my friend Karen who hosts it actually took the time and made a fly by Queens on the way to set up to decorate my room and drop off some St. Pats gear-no Jameson's or Harp's, but they wouldn't mix with my other cocktails anyway I'm sure. Thank you Karen. Had that followed up with 7 other visitors throughout the day and am honored to have such friends and family although will admit-I'm tired but thank you all.

Finally, to touch on the situation from yesterday....Wow, I knew the chatter would increase but it is amazing to find how many of you are out there. I've had more comments and suggestions it truly is unbelievable and let me tell you, the opinions are strong and unified. For the record, although he did "make his rounds" and come see me for a minimal time, it was clear he was simply going through the motion of meeting his obligations and has no change of mind nor regret or apologies about yesterdays fiasco. Apparently that is how it is to be so now I have started the ball rolling on this situation specifically as well as putting some of my future options in play so these suggestions and referrals will be great. Mahalo

Fatigue hitting hard so that's all for today, Good night.

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