Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm really annoyed right now and this is more of a vent than anything but right on point on my previous comment on churning. To be specific and timeline, I got out of treatment last Sunday, was told I needed to go into the office Tuesday for a booster shot-OK I get this. (1st visit) At that point, an appointment made with the nurse practitioner for follow up on Thursday. Alright but do I see the Doctor? Turns out I did and we discuss round 2.....(2nd visit) Now Im scheduled to come in next week for a pre-admission appointment. Really? (3rd visit) OK and they make that for today.

Today, all I am is a Guinea pig as the Doctor has a med student with him and I am just a specimen. He asks if I have a port installed or a feeding tube and I kind of laugh and say you know I never have had that done. He takes the position that this is my fault and must stop cancelling my appointments to get these installed. I stop him and say I have not done any such thing, we didn't have time before my last treatment to do the procedure and then I ask why at this point it is even necessay? I had spoken with his partner whom was doing rounds and visited me while I was in the hospital and he seemed to suggest that with only two treatment's left, a port install not necessary. I quickly see he does not like being questioned in front of a student nor happy about this conversation and flatly informed that that his colleague does not like ports however he is my Doctor and he does PERIOD! Sounds like a turf war but again, I'm the patient and if not needed, I don't want an invasive procedure I don't need. He tells me to stop being difficult. DIFFICULT???? I'm really not happy and in a quandary as to my options.

I get further irritated when he walks out tells the nurse to schedule these two procedures and to schedule a pre admit appointment for next Monday. HELLO-is that not what I'm fricken here for right now yet here we are scheduling yet a 4th visit within 2 week to say nothing of these "procedures" to install a port and tube???

Churn baby churn and I'm really pretty perturbed No I'm flat pissed right now. I need to cool down and look at my options for this specific point of my treatment. Leaning towards just going with the PICC again for now weather he likes it or not. Again just venting here but it is my choice?


  1. Hey Jeff - about those doctors...
    A port is a good idea. Especially when you take your 5FU home with you - no iv junk in your arms. Much fewer pokes all around. The proceedure doesn't take long however, it is a surgical proceedure.
    As for the food tube. Jack fortunately did not have one and had a FIT anytime a dr mentioned it. He does have a pal who had cancer similar to you who had the tube and did fine with it.
    Sounds like your dr needs a "do better" talk. You are right to not let them intimidate you and be "difficult" until you have clear and reasonable answers to your quesstions.
    Hang in there, my friend - you have just begun.


  2. Thanks Pam. At this point, Im only concerned about the two more hoslital stays I have and I think Im staying with the PICC as that too alleviates any needles and they not letting me take home-after this part of the treatment I might go ahead and get one based on where we go s well as the tube just not now as that is still downstream.