Friday, March 19, 2010

Still think you fired me?

Apparently that is the way Mr Bill (I've revoked the respect of a title) still sees this. Whatever!

After spending no more than what I assume is the obligatory requirement for being on floor duty, maybe 2 to 3 minutes, to look. poke. listen and ask a few general questions, we haven't spoken. Fortunately, been no need too as am holding my own thus far in this session and the nurses and I got in under control thank goodness.

We obviously just had our last of these visits as he rotates off today. I had to love the fact he comes in and announces he doesn't want to get to close as he has a cold. Really? What the hell you doing here around chemo patients anyway, at least without a mask-yes you can stay away thank you.

Anyway a quick look in the throat and says looking great and I'll need to come in to the office for my booster. I tell him I've already scheduled that for Monday and he simply announces that I will be meeting another Doctor at that time who "should be able to work with me going forward and therefore keep it within his group so that all the records are there in one place" and with that, simply walked out.

Ummmm-let's go back to MY CHOICE and my primary and I shall be making that decision. The arrogance of the whole thing and now wanting to keep me within his group so the records are in one place. PLEASE!

Stand by!


  1. Your humor seems to be holding up well. You're going through so much but your blogs almost always make me laugh. Your doctor sounds like a putz. You have enough stress without having to deal with him. Thanks for sharing and hope you are holding up as well as you can!

  2. Jeff- You keep kicking---sounds like you are doing a mightly fine job of it from over here.....let me know if I can send you anything from the little state of Georgia.....hugs and kisses to ya....xoxo