Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slippery! LOL

Once you make your mind up in how you will allow things to be done, it is refreshing to find you can actually find humor in what so recently irritated you so.

Recalling the appointment fiasco of Monday and the invasive medical devices........I just received a call from the nurse informing me of my pending appointment tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. My what? Mind you it is 3:30 p.m. now and the first I have heard of this. As opposed to seeming as if I'm being difficult, or "slippery" and "hard to pin down" as it has come to my attention he's referred to me as, I toss it back on her saying "Sorry, but when I left there Monday, we discussed this procedure being scheduled for today and I rearranged my schedule accordingly therefore tomorrow is out of the question." Further I tell her that as I hadn't heard from her, I came to the conclusion that at this juncture, I'm perfectly comfortable with the PICC again as it worked just fine on my first visit. It's not invasive, it was comfortable (as could be I guess), I could sleep...... I'll go ahead and schedule these procedures myself closer to the time I really need it.

I have to laugh at this point as I can hear her deflating and the silence....."Umm Mr Davis, does this mean your not going to go have this surgery tomorrow?" I reiterate that is correct as it is already 3:30 here Wednesday afternoon, the day you had told me to block out, and you now want me to drop everything and be there first thing tomorrow, I'm sorry. Not only is that not fair to expect of anyone, but this, and the tube, are procedures that I agree are needed and will be done, just not now . The voice gets meeker and she tells me the doctor wants it.

GOTCHA! He does, I don't.

She goes on to say what if he doesn't approve it? Approve what-slicing me open? Please remind him it's my body, my decision and if there are any further questions to call me directly please.

"Are you sure?"

Yes Dear I'm sure and I can't help but wonder how afraid she is of her boss?

Again-a little humor was cast on today and I actually feel a bit sorry for the nurse. Now to see if I get yet another call?

Speaking of calls-on a brief side note, it was very refreshing to get a call from MD Anderson today simply checking up on me and wondering if I might still consider visiting them for a consult after this next session-I just might won't I?

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  1. Poor Poor Nurse "meek". I think her (your) doctor needs a dose of Lucy this coming week...