Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You want difficult!

Quite the response my venting post has generated! I seem to have hit a nerve here with some of you who have or are going through treatment and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience as there is much to learn. What I have determined after I riled myself up yesterday is so long as he's accused me of being difficult....difficult I will be! I could care less what he likes, he doesn't do anything anyway, the nurses do and not even his nurses I might add so screw it. It's body and for now, there shall be no invasive installations of medical devices-I'll get them when I need them and I don't see that at this point of the treatment. What I do see is something that will prevent me from doing some things I enjoy when I am able and sorry Doc-that aint happening until it's absolutely necessary.

Oh and did I mention I'm really going to be difficult as not only am I going to get my primary Doctor here to get back involved as she actually seemed concerned about what is going on when I met with her last week. After all, it is the team she put together...I think it's also time to revisit with Houston just to see what they might be saying


  1. Hi Jeff, Yes, you do need the primary dr. to handle the "team" for you, otherwise they will be doing what the heck they want, not what you want. They do seem to get confused as to whose body it is. I love you. Aunt Muriel

  2. Seems I don't know how to post comments. Guess the others have not made it through. Said my url had illegal symbols yet it was my email address. hmmmm? Aunt M again