Monday, March 1, 2010


It's almost surreal this morning with the cold and the wind and the fact I'm so exhausted but that seems to be it...exhaustion and probably dehydration. I literally almost passed out last night after that brief post for 12 solid hours and now it's still almost a numb feeling. Not sure I even moved by the look of my sheets and considering I am usually a restless sleeper, that too is odd. Nothing terrible mind you and the brief nausea and hiccups spasms Ive been having are gone, I just feel exhausted and out of it-just like the Doc said Monday would bring-again however, no train so I'll take it!

Without a doubt, I know I need to continue to hydrate and flush and I wonder if the sudden lack of such is part of being this wiped out. For days, we've been streaming potassium to counter the poison and suddenly- it's closed system keeping the last of that chemo in! I need to ingest as much liquid as I can although I'm already drowning but gotta do it and get this stuff out. Ironically, for next time I hope to time it better and finish the last hydrating bag as last night, that FU-5 ran out and I was gone-the rest of that hydration certainly couldn't have hurt.

Anyway time to call the Doc and see the next step from here but think I'm on my own for a few weeks.


  1. go baby go!!!! Drink lots and lots of water! Flush it! Strong mind = strong body!

  2. That's awesome your home..I bet you feel better just being's are suckie!!!