Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3-2-1 and let the countdown begin...finally

T minus 100 hours and counting as back at Queens, PICC installed, x-ray confirmed, first bag hung and 3 to go!!!!!!!! The pharmacy screwed me up and finally delivered the meds 3 hours after everyhing else was done so that time wasted and once again can't get started before 3 o'clock but at least we are finally off to the races as this is the last of these extended stays at the hospital. Still a slow process getting everything launched but the nurses and vascular crew know me by now and the little game against the clock we play so now that dripping, hoping to still be out of here and home by sundown Saturday and hopefully another smooth sailing throughout the nasties that come later today.

Thought we'd be off to a great start as beat the clock until the pharmacy glitch but at least no unfortunate doctor issues like the last. Even had a nice reminder call from my new Doctor reminding me about today and to give me the number of his exchange should I need anything during my stay. Still have not submitted my letter as have opted to wait until I'm out of here considering his position here but suffice it to say, the nurses are none too surprised as to my switch.....and pleased.

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