Friday, September 10, 2010


Well for that brief scary moment back in January it crosses your mind if your going to have another one. Brief mind you but scary as sh*t nonetheless when you first get this kind of news and try decipher what is happening. You know the tales since then and I am happy to report I just had another one on Tuesday!

Didn't do a lot on the that specific day, but had a great Labor Day weekend as celebration in Lahaina with Lisa and the Prima Donna crew as well as an upcoming gathering. The 7th was actually a going away party for a very good friend who took a contracting job and is heading overseas to Afghanistan for a year so we gave him priority for the evening. I actually blew up my throat pretty good that night as well and that shut me down on the spot. I'm sure it was nothing more than the body putting the brakes on for overuse as we had a combination of what for me was a very long weekend. We kicked off the Maui races with some carousing Friday night with Lisa and the crew, a race Saturday and post race pool festivities, and an 8 1/2 race home to Oahu on Monday. Combine that with some red pepper flakes that I apparently neglected to see in the tako poke I was eating at the farewell party and my throat pretty much instantaneously sent me home! I was still torched Wednesday and could barely speak but am rebounding much quicker and seemed to be much better yesterday.

Next on deck is I have an appointment with my ENT next week and there I hope to begin the process of scheduling and preparing for my final series of scans. I don't expect these to actually happen until October but I'm hoping we can at least begin the process. I also am looking forward to getting her opinion on my progress as well . These occasional shutdown that occur are still a bit concerning as to why and I have also noticed it is becoming regular in the morning regardless with the water out the nose trick now being common place when I first wake up. My jaw bone has also become quite sensitive as well. That might be from the deliberate stretching I am trying to do daily to help my ability to open my mouth wider. On my last visit she suggested I do that as my mouth is not opening as wide as it should be-a common occurrence she tells me and correctable over time with stretching but has that caused the tenderness-all part of the barrage of questions you have and hope you remember!
Back to Prima for some Friday night racing and the results from last weeks adventure-WooHoo

Have a great weekend yourself!

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