Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michael Douglas on Letterman

A little different post here but I found this Letterman interview interesting. As I am 10 1/2 weeks out of radiation therapy and still dealing with my remaining difficulties, I watched the Late Show and Michael Douglas, water bottle in hand (the dry mouth hasn't even begun yet Mike!) discuss his first week of what sounds to be my exact regiment-8 weeks, i.e. 35 plus sessions, weekly chemo.....An odd feeling came over me hearing him describe the similarities in his experience of realizing something wrong, through diagnosis and into the treatment cycle (although he is not doing the inpatient chemo regiment I did) and from my viewpoint at this juncture you can't help but feel for him knowing what is forthcoming. I had the pleasure of being introduced to him and talking with him many times years ago and find myself wishing I still had his contact info to discuss this. That said, he has obviously been very well prepared and even as Letterman is trying to tell him he hasn't looked better he is quick to reply he is only one week into the treatment and the full effects are not nearly upon him. YA THINK! He is fully aware he is on his last week of his junket for the new Wall Street movie and not going to be able to do the European portion at all as his throat deteriorates from the radiation. Interesting to hear he too has gotten the oh so familiar spot on warning I got about the 2 weeks of treatment before hell hits and I am so glad I'm on this side of the treatment while reliving this even know still dealing with my own remnants. I did find it interesting that his PR people had him completely dodge and redirect a question at his chain smoking where he said "no, this cancer is caused by drinking and yes I drink." Umm no, it is not necessarily caused by drinking although there can certainly be a case made that links it but there most definitely is a proven correlation to smoking-interesting redirect

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