Friday, September 24, 2010

Let the scanning begin!

Yesterday was the first of what I assume is to be a series of scans and tests-HOPEFULLY this will prove to be my final series before I am released to a more manageable and tolerable annual type check up. i.e those precious words saying I have a clean bill of health and we are CURED! That is the terminology they say can actually be used for my type of cancer so the fingers are crossed amongs other things. Now of course is the anxiety of waiting. My next scheduled appointment is not until October 12th and of course the techs will never tell you anything on what they saw yesterday. We did a series of x-rays and CT's and a PET will be forthcoming but at least the process has begun and I fully expect a busy October up and around Queen's but if that's what it takes to be done with this, so be it.

As that all I have on the health front, I can report we were able to pull off a hell of a celebration last weekend - a combined birthday celebration for both Mom and myself and the fact that I could. I decided it was time to do one of my usual "BBQ" parties where I cook and have others bring the wine. As it was my first event of any kind to host this year it got a little out of hand numbers wise. Wow talk about being overwhelmed and at the outpur of support-thank you all. Not only did Tom McNamara, one of my best friends from college, come all the way from Denver-so did some 70 others. Never have I done one of my gig's for that many and quite honestly, I was a bit concerned but.......with putting Tom to work on his mini vacation as well as Lisa, Mom and Pam, the borrowing of a friend's grill for more cook space and the recruitment of random victims throughout the evening for thier kitchen and bar skills-we pulled it off. It was, even if I do say so myself-a great success. Thank you all for everthing!

(Complete pics available

Oh-thank you LC but yes, I was able to feed the troops shortly after 9 and with no blood, at least not mine! Smart ass!

I will admit however, I was completely wiped out after the weekend-between the party prep, party, a VIP pre opening dinner for the new Iron Chef Morimoto's opening here in town that Pam took us too and entertaining Tom-in the best of times I'd be wiped out so needless to say, when I dropped him at the airport the body went on shutdown and been resting ever since. Now I find myself prepping for this weekends event-Holo Holo-a nonstop overnight circumnavigation of Oahu and possibly the Blue Angeles Sunday-see how we feel. YIKES!

Sans the throat penalizing me for over usage or difficult foods, guess I'm feeling better huh so those scans better validate that!

All we have to report for now - have a great weekend

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