Friday, October 1, 2010


October is upon us and that means 15 weeks have now passed since I completed my treatment and I continue to feel better and better. It also means I only have a week and a half left until I am to find out the results of those initial scans taken last week. There was one brief incident earlier this week that put quite the scare into me for a moment as I received a call from the radiologist office informing me I needed to call back as soon as possible as they need to change my appointment. HELLO! WHAT'S WRONG??? That was quite a nerve wracking message and call as of course I assume by now he has seen my scans and something must have gotten his attention and concern if he needs to see me. Fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm and they simply need to reschedule as he will be out of town the day of my appointment. Typical of course as the nurse had no forethought that she could be sending sheer panic through the brain of a patient-a simple clarification on the message would have gone a long way in NOT stressing me out for those brief few minutes.

Outside of that, a pretty mundane week to report with no appointments and better yet, no flare ups or irregularities. I'll take mundane thank you! I was also able to participate and complete my first Holo Holo race. 17 hours of racing around Oahu sure can take it's toll as I was exhausted and sore as hell come Monday but a beautiful sail, much of it under a Harvest moon is quite an experience. In hindsight we took the wrong route that cost us the race, but the fact of the matter I was able to do it works for me. Now off to catch part of this swell paying our Islands a visit!

Have a great weekend!

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