Friday, October 22, 2010


And that is a quote from the Oncologist!

I must admit I was actually a bit underwhelmed yesterday, almost disappointed, as I had myself worked up and believing I might actually be told the words "cancer free" but after letting it sink in overnight I'm now euphoric!

All things considered this is obviously great news and another giant leap towards that ultimate goal. As he said, it is simply too early and would be naive to declare that complete victory at this point. I'm barely four months out of treatment and am already doing things they had warned could be six month's to a year-if ever so guess I can't complain. Granted I still have issues of course but still way ahead of the curve. Further, although everything "appears" to be back to normal and gave the go ahead on the remission declaration, I am still in need of continued, regular and diligent monitoring. My blood work is still not normal, nothing concerning mind you and continues to improve, however not something we can walk away from at this point so he has ordered 60 day check ups on my CBC's. Also, and the ENT mentioned this as well, is I still have significant radiation damage that needs to monitored as well just to ensure no bad guys hiding in any of those blind spots-again nothing to be concerned with but common sense and prudence require attention. Maybe, just maybe, once we go through 2 or 3 more of these cycles and possibly another CT if they deem necessary, we may get that declaration,but in the mean time, remission is nothing to be ashamed of!

With that, it is time to finalize plans for the Hallowed functions that grace our Island Paradise beginning tonight for some 2500 at Aloha Tower. I had this great idea that since we are joining my buddy in his green limousine with the "Kermit" vanity plates, it seemed only proper to dress as....Kermit. Problem I have was when I went to get said costume, the events that have transpired this year have prevented me from the plan. I realized yesterday that a costume that requires a mask....HELL NO. The feeling and memories that went through my head when I put that frog mask on were quite disturbing so there is no way that is going to happen. I had actually kept my radiation mask from the treatment itself in the thoughts of Halloween but it was just too freaky and it landed in the trash last month so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. With that, I need to go finalize my thoughts on an alternative disguise for the evening.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be posting something next week after this all settles in a little more and determine where I'm going with this blog from here-10 months of work and cant see just walking away but then again, I hopefully have little else to update.

Again, next weeks discussion!


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