Thursday, October 7, 2010

Patterns and Correlations

Another week of no doctors appointments or issues per se,therefore a relatively uneventful week and not a lot to report so again, as I said last post-I'll take it!

I am noticing more and more what I can and cannot, or should not, do and all part of the learning curve. I say there were no issues, although that is not entirely true because the problems I did incur this week swallowing and the associated pain were quite possibly completely self inflicted. I say that as there are clear patterns developing as to when these types of issues arise and as much as I hate to admit it, there is a direct correlation to the type and/or amount of consumption I may find myself partaking in. More and more, I have a pretty good idea of the foods I am able to eat and those that may not be so good.

As an example, an aioli that came with some calamari Friday night and I noticed some spice on the very first bite. The fact I continued to dip into this sauce and found myself almost crying a half hour later.....ummm, whose fault was that? Obviously spice is still a big issue, better, but an issue none the less and if I push as I did here, I feel it. Other foods all seem to be OK in moderation and with enough water have even been able to do things like chips and had some popcorn at the movies for the first time. Moderation is the word though as too many of them, regardless of how much water and it will scratch.

Another pattern forming here with adult beverages...well let's say I have to admit my previous find of Kettle on the rocks seemed like a great idea at the time, no acidity, no carbonation and a slight anesthetic quality, however, I have been altering my opinion as I am noticing that while drinking it, all was good, but problems were inevitable the following day. As I am now able to enjoy certain wines without the acidic sting that was so bad before, and assuming I stick with them without any additional refreshments such as presented themselves Friday, these issues aren't necessarily there the following morning so long as don't go overboard on the quantity. Then of course we seem to develop throat issues as well as all the other ailments associated with your standard hangover-never a fun combo I can tell you. Again patterns are a forming.

Further, as I am learning and trying to be more cognisant of the acid/alkaline balance, I certainly see the rationale to the argument of why some only consume beer and wine and steer clear of spirits as the acidity values differ so dramatically. Here, although we may not completely subscribe to the plan, the theory is sound and monitoring the balance certainly can't hurt.

Finally, hair..........coming back in s l o w l y, curly and gray

All in all however, I'd say we obviously continue to improve as none of these items could have been consumed in any fashion not so long ago. Well that is my input for the week as the anxiety builds with not one but two appointments next week to review those initial scans. the 3rd Doctor will chime in the following week and from there we will proceed to whatever is next on the agenda. Crossing those fingers!!!!

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