Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1 Down....2 To Go!

Haven't had the need to update mid week but today is worth a post.

Just finished my appointment with the ENT and it was my first review of the scans and x-rays we did a few weeks back. Needless to say, I've been anxious but I knew she was to be the first of the three doctors to review and talk with me as she spearheading this and I was informed she was going to be out of town at a wait we did. Outside of the scare on the reschedule from the radiologist office, I took the fact no one called me in the interim to be a good sign. That said, when she walks in the exam room and asks how I am, I look up from my magazine and sheepishly say "nervous." She now looks concerned and asks why and if I see or feel anything.

HELLO? "No but you are about to tell me what my scans look like right????"

Oops! Guess she forgot about that little appointment she made for me-LOL Hadn't even looked apparently as just getting back into town and trying to catch up. Again, an example of how slammed they are as us lone patients who only have ourselves to worry counting on the docs who simply have too many patients and guess we all start to blend together. Maybe a morning review would be helpful.

Unlike my other experience with a previous doctor you may recall I no longer speak too, in her defense, I know she truly is slammed trying to play catch up after being gone and was actually quite embarrassed, very apologetic and understanding as she quickly pulled up the summary on her computer and tells me that all looks good and then excuses herself to go be a Doctor and actually review for herself. After about 10 minutes she comes back in all smiles. extends her hand and says "Congratulations. They are perfect. No sign at all of the previous tumor or irregularities!"

Irregularities? is that what they are-LOL.

We chat about what to expect next as far as additional scans such as a PET and she says nothing and schedules a simple follow up in December. We go on and just talk story for a while to clear the tension that is leaving my body at this news. She asking me if my hair was this curly and grey prior (uh NOT!) and how odd it is so many of her patients do come back curly. She also again going into the whole "type A personality executives such as you who's entire perception on business and life in general changes during this experience and many wonder why they allowed all the stress prior" and how she hopes I'll be one in that camp as certainly a part of the cause.....I've always laughed at her type A reference to me but can't knock her comment on the perception as I have mentioned countless times how mine certainly has changed and I look at things much differently. Priorities! She even touched on how she not a patient but has changed her priorities and cut back due to what she sees every day. Apparently she has cut back and sees just enough patients to take care of their needs and get by so she can enjoy her life as well. Um just get by? Wow-I get her invoices...we certainly have a different perception of getting by! LOL The lady has been great though so hats off to her perceptions and the invoices been worth every dime as well!

All in all, she has been correct all along this process and is very pleased and happy, however this is not a hall pass and release just yet as we need confirmation from the radiology and oncology departments. Although she has all but closed my file for two months we still have to get through two more doctors who need to concur on this assessment as well as the associated blood work and specific tests that they will need to examine. Then and only then can we say this is over and hopefully "cancer free." For today though, a big relief as this first one, this first hurdle, this was HUGE any way I look at it

Back Friday after appointment number 2 with the radiologist and hoping to be able to report same!

Right now-I'm heading out to Prima for a sunset sail and a beer!

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