Friday, September 3, 2010

Lahaina Bound!

Exciting weekend lies ahead as we are in Maui for my first real yacht race since opening day way back in January with the Prima Donna crew! Excited as both Lisa and I love Maui and this is a very fun regatta with very serious racing, as well as some not so to make for a great all around Labor Day. Can't get her into the sailboat racing thing yet so she'll come play and wave at us as she flies home overhead. Prior to that however, we kick it off tonight in Lahaina town in what always seems to be a series of memorable events before heading out tomorrow for the Lahaina Inshore or what we choose to call the Lahaina Lights -a series of inshore buoy races off the Lahaina coast that is notorious for very light wind conditions. A few years back when I first raced here with Rick Osborne, these conditions led him to the idea that to counter the effect of the cold frosty beverages that the heat generated in this part of our Island chain requires, one might as well fire up the BBQ while racing and really enjoy the day. (attached photo) It has now turned into an almost fleet wide competition with numerous boats flying kites while trailing smoke-rather a funny sight. The key is to save enough to bring back for the judging during the post race poolside festivities! Sunday involves a Maui vs Oahu crew softball game and dinghy races at Lahaina Yacht Club although prudence says Lisa and I might very well forgo that continued debauchery. I may be getting back in the saddle per se but best to not overdo it and very well may find I am better off to relax and enjoy the newly remodeled Royal Lahaina Hotel my friend Tom Bell has set us up in and the Kaanapali shoreline while resting up for what culminates early Monday morning with the 67th Annual Lahaina - Honolulu return. A race from Honalua Bay across to Molokai where we choose to run the slot or a spinnaker run down the beautiful North Shore and surf on to Diamond Head. Looks like we could get as many as 40 boats participating this year and forecasting some good wind to bring us home so looking forward to a great weekend. Wish us luck!

As far as a status update for the week-fortunately, the razor blade issues I experienced Sunday have subsided so hoping that won't hinder any of the festivities. I do have another appointment with my ENT on the 14th and the continued irritation will certainly be on deck for discussion. The primary focus there of course will be to get the scans scheduled.
I find I am still getting a kick with the lack of recognition as it is still occurring even with the hair coming back in. Got a few sailing buddies last Friday after the races and a few paddlers last night as was down at the club with the SC contingent but quite possibly the best one yet happened last weekend. I was dealing a poker game at Lisa's when a longtime friend of hers, as well as a guy whom I have now know for a few years as well, came in and sat in seat 1-that is immediately to my left. I said hello, got him set up and actually dealt him 4 or 5 hands before he turns to Lisa and asks "So how's Jeff doing, feeling any better yet?" HELLO CAREY! You mean ME! LOL-really can be entertaining-can't wait to see who I get in Lahaina. There are sure to be a few.
Have a great Labor Day!

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