Friday, April 11, 2014

What the hell?????

Well as expected a very restless night and sea of emotion as trying to focus-just cant get that sickly feeling of stress out of my gut.  Breath Jeff...Control the controllable!  Good news I can draw from today however is no phone call from the Doc and sure he's seen the labs on whatever muscle enzymes he was checking.  I'm sure if that further alarmed him, he'd call...right???

Second-OMG what the hell is this.  I remembered last night a picture of me from the 2012 Lahaina return where my neck looked really odd.  I dug it up and this is downright frightening! Why good news?  My annual scans were 2 weeks after this photo and I've had 2 additional scans as well as half a dozen check up exams since all with clean bills of health.  The question then is what the hell is it????

Enough over thinking for the day...nothing I can do so off to have some fun at our Annual April Foolish Make-a Wish Party!

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