Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More anxiety as....... we wait!

I wake up with the sun, well wait.....that implies I was actually sleeping so, I get out of bed with the sun more accurate, to go get poked and prodded and placed in a loud pounding cylinder spraying you with radiation for a few hours is a hell of a way to start off tax day....Oh Goodie!  Nothing really worthy of reporting except they are done without least not any noticeable bad vibes from the techs as you know they have an idea what they looking at.  Now to try to keep my happy face on and go on with my day, that means finishing taxes!  Get through tomorrow and most of Thursday all the while keeping my anxiety levels to a minimum as this waiting and uncertainty can kill you in it's own right.  Then of course there will be the actual reading of the taro cards Thursday afternoon.  UUGGHHHH!!

I can only hope I can keep my head up and think with my glass half full attitude and somewhat inappropriate sense of humor that got me through this shit the first time that all is fine......but I must if its not.......Nah, cant think like that Jeff - Yes, there is obviously something wrong, as I can actually feel something too so need to find out what this is and address it.  I just pray and hope it doesn't have anything to do with my prior or any of its nasty relatives or byproducts.

Going to be a long few days and then lets hope that's all folks!

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