Monday, February 15, 2010

The Alternate Opinion

Following a great sunset at the club with a beer and some dear friends, I run into a family of other dear friends and although we no longer hang on a regular basis, friends they are. Recently, there was a terrible loss in their family and we all lost a respected great man, athlete, father and another you would never think would be a C patient yet here we are. I have so many questions as now its personal for me, yet I know what a rarity for them and to me it is wrong in so many ways to interrupt this dinner.....Contrary to my though, my favorite attorney fires right up and asks some pointed questions. We now all realize my prior visit was not of a drunk with my voice screwed up but of a problem that needs to be fixed......The unanimous response to me is get treatment NOW and ironically in their specific opinion, Queens did great and once we moved to MD Anderson is when the demise began-again a different yet very real point of view

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I will be checking on your blog, i know you are a fighter i have seen you on the race course. As You get more info and more comfortable with your doctors, the stress will get better and you will to be able to get this behind ant put good energy to healing.
    You have a lot of friends and we all be thinking of you. we are here and ready to help in anyway we can. By the time you get this behind we might have a new boat to sail?
    Keep the faith and Hang in

    lots of aloha