Monday, February 8, 2010

Good News!

It honestly has been over 15 years. or more, since I've seen a dentist....if it wasn't for the underlying problem I had to go for in the first place.....I might have been scared to death as to what they might find. But what did they find-PERFECT TEETH! No cavities, gum disease plaque buildup.......Even I must say, pretty incredible and lucky.

BAD NEWS-that type of streak will be coming to an abrupt end. The reason they demand a recent check up and prefer an in house Dentist such as I met with is if there is any work to be done or possible extractions within the next 5 years they can see-do it now. The radiation is known to have long term critical effects on your teeth and jaw so it is also a consultation to be forewarned. It goes back to the saliva gland damage and radiation damage to the area that has an effect on healing ability in the area that creates havoc on the mouth-Time to track down Greg Uyeda and get some input

It just keeps getting better and better doesn't it

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