Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally, Some Good News!

Well today was the biopsy we have been fearing and awaiting on the lung and here I am out early with some good news! Woo Hooo!!! Looks like the diagnosis is as bad as it is going to get as the scare here with the lung is a non event-apparently in taking so long to get this procedure scheduled allowed whatever that spot was on the lung to heal and beat it-It is GONE!

Get dropped off this morning for the procedure, hours early as they always demand. Gave me a chance to catch up on all this Olympic Curling coverage...LOL...Is that a sport or what? Actually in my case today, all that time was a good thing for the nurse who was having severe difficulties in putting in my IV and after numerous failed attempt, we both agree it would be best for her to concede and ask some help-I can only be a pin cushion so long.

They do finally come around to get me close to 1 PM. I am wheeled down to the Imaging department (BTW-the initial thrill of cruising around the halls in a bed has lost it's appeal) where I am met with yet another clipboard and 20 questions. Then the process of setting me up and contorting my body in such a way as to allow both the ability to run through the CT machine as well as allowing the Dr access to my side for surgical access-very awkward. Soon after this exercise is complete, the Doctor appears and goes through his spiel about the ease of the procedure and worst case, they only collapse a lung about 10-15% of the time, and that even with a complication such as this, the need to insert a breathing tube and admit me overnight is even more of a rarity! Such bedside manner! We begin now with the process of obtaining new pictures running in/out of the CT machine. It does not take too long for me to realize something is not right and the Doctor excuses himself from the room-Oh Shit is of course your first thought-now what?

About 20 minutes later the Doctor returns to the room and announces to his team and me that he will not be doing a biopsy as whatever was showing up on the previous scan is gone and there is nothing to see to go get! Ahh relief overcomes me as I am thinking how the delay in this case proved so valuable-too bad we cant rescan the rest with the same result:)

Oh well, this really is good news these days. Even the consensus was that of a non event, the realization that WHAT IF they are wrong and how much worse this case would be is not easily ignored-

Now back to the immediate problem at hand in how to treat the actual bad guys. Hopefully my appointment Friday will yield a less aggressive stance with this issue behind us, but I am still awaiting that consultation call from MD Anderson due anytime.

For the rest of the afternoon however, I'll take this victory and shake off the nerves and fears that speculation can cause

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    Great victory. So easy to fear the unknown, looking forward to more good news
    Do You think your new curling skills with help us in light winds?

    Dp Out