Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Morning!

And surprisingly it is-It may not be Holland America but it isn't what Ive expected yet and believe me that is a good thing. No reaction at all thus far to the meds-WOW! Also, as noisy as it was around here at 11 pm, I did sleep through the night with only one wake up by the nurse to change out a bag and the pump alarm woke me. Barely noticed the 5:30 nurse taking labs as she didn't need to wake me and just got what she needed from the lines - they like thier patients to sleep on this floor-OK works for me and yes-when I ordered breakfast last night I did it ala ship style with multiple items and a delivery time of 8:45. LOL-it showed up at 8;50 and the order was right. Hope we can keep this up. Have a great day be back after the 24 hour mark

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  1. You sound like your in good spirits....I too am glad you got started on some thought is this...... if you had some noticable changes in your throat, the sooner the better. I can honestly say that I have never seen you with more than a cold in my entire life. So the thought of you lieing in a hospital bed, strapped up to a bunch of tubes, and machines, is rather an odd thought. I'm sure its humbling to say the least. Em and I are thinking about you, hoping you will be home soon. That will help just to get out of there. When you get home and get settled, if you want some company, I'd be glad to fly down and play some batgammon with you..let me know..keep your head up, your recovery has begun, and thats great news....ok bud..stay strong.....boog and Em