Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post op follow up-IT'S OFFICIAL

Biopsied 4 places and 2 came home benign!

With the other 2 however, I was not solucky and it is official, I have developed what is called a squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsil (the nasty lump in my throat that I went in to begin with) and the left nasal pharynx.

OMG-even know I knew coming in-to get this kind of news is indescribable-WHAM! -someone hits you square between the eyes and the wind is knocked out of you. WTF happens now and the questions are simply overwhelming but the bottom line, this is the real deal and almost immediately, other issues in your life fade to the background. What happens now?

Very nonchalantly and direct as many Doctors are, she goes on to tell me that although she does not have the film back from yesterdays scans, there is another potential problem mentioned in the report regarding a shadow that appears in my lung. Doesn't feel it is an issue as she was down there on Friday and didn't see anything and even the reporting Doctor mentions it could simply be an infection of some sort, but needs to be verified either way and we should know in the next few days. In the mean time she details everything best she can at this time and tells me that although things could be better (YA THINK!) this is very treatable and her patients have had tremendous success with her Team and treatment programs, but we must move fast justifying her making the appointments for me. Obviously her staff mentioned my comments and she does not appear to like her decisions challenged as we had a few tenuous moments on how she did things, especially with "Tyape A personalities" such as myself....period-Excuse me? At this juncture, a point that I file in my head for later thought as that part didn't settle too well with me considering the other news I have just received-the same news that breaks me to tears as I collapse into my truck

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