Friday, February 12, 2010

Frightening Friday

So today is the day I hope it all comes together as I go in to meet with the oncology nurse for her consultation. After I rehash the weeks developments that have led to me NOT having a biopsy done yet, they contact the Pali Momi nurse as well as the lab. It now appears the lab can not schedule until they have the images and they do not have......although they are told they were sent........again a clusterfuck so when they ask if I would be willing to go to Restaurant Row and pick up myself, I agree so long as they make 2 copies and I can have a copy of this pathology report right here-I want this information in my possession now or I can see it will never get to Houston.

I then go in for my consultation and learn what has to have been the biggest shock to date outside of the initial notification I had the problem. Further, I again find myself in complete disbelief that this is a regiment that has been determined without the benefit of the biopsy.

This nurse proceeds to inform me that they propose to administer such a severe dosage of chemotherapy drugs that I will need to actually be admitted to Queen's for a period of 6 days for this treatment. I will then be released to go home for 14 days and this process will be repeated 3 times.


I have never heard of anyone being admitted for their treatments no matter how bad and they want to take me down on 3 separate occasions for 6 days straight each time-OMG

Yes, you become ill, yes you will have severe body and joint pain, yes you will loose your hair.....basically we are going to do everything everyone fears about this treatment but we'll keep you hospitalized to keep an eye on you. WTF!

Once this is complete, you will get a 2 week break and then turn you over to radiology and the House of Horrors for the regiment they previously discussed with you, Oh and yes, we too will have determined by that time what chemo treatment we will continue to run concurrently.

I again find myself wondering how this treatment can be construed as "with great success and easily treatable."

I can't get out of there fast enough in the hopes someone at MD Anderson has gotten back to me........PLEASE!

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