Monday, February 22, 2010

The clock is ticking!

What an amazing forum this has created and I thank you all for your comments as the information flow and referrals are incredible. Through this blog, friends, friends family and friends of friends have learned and seemed to have gotten on a bandwagon today and called their own contacts at MD Anderson on my behalf....and voila, my file seems to have been expedited as the Head and Neck center called back. It happened to be in the 45 minute window I was away from my phone and closing time in Houston so I have no idea if she is trying to schedule me an appointment for Thursday or next Christmas but you got their attention.

That said however, and I do thank everyone for their efforts as I will use Anderson in one way or another, but as I mentioned, the clock is ticking and the decision might already have been made for me. The body is an amazing thing and if I actually slow down enough to listen to mine, it is telling me, in a not so subtle fashion I might add, that it would like some help here and NOW so barring any immediate availability, the prudent thing for me to do before I have no choice in the matter at all is check in to Queens as scheduled on Wednesday and start fighting this thing.

On the home front, it appears I also have some of you who have taken it upon yourselves to search and refer me here locally as well. Again I can't thank you enough. In this specific instance, I've been referred to a radiologist who did validate what is planned here but is also quite familiar with MD and had some great suggestions for me as to what I can do to better put myself at ease, and possibly consult with them as we go through the process. He also strongly agrees I get some treatment going ASAP, noting that does not mean it can not be altered down the road to something I am more comfortable with. It also didn't hurt to find Lisa is in this camp as well and although she never said anything prior to sway me, she is much more comfortable knowing treatment is on the horizon.

Great words of advise and a phone call in the morning and we'll have this week and at least the beginnings of my treatment options in place and implemented!

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