Tuesday, February 16, 2010


WOW!-Not sure what to say but thank you-can't believe the support and comments I woke up too in response to my sending this out yesterday-Thank you everyone


  1. I am now 100% up to speed with your I wish was only a nightmare and that you could wake up from NED. (No Evidence of Disease) That day will come. Keep the faith Jeff. Friends and family are walking this along side you. Lean on us/them...

    Praying for you Jeff...praying for healing...for peace...for knowledge for your doctors...for courage...for strength...


  2. Our prayers are with you Jeff. Speaking as someone who knows what your going though. I find that this is a curse and a blessing. When I found out I had cancer I was 36 with 2 young children I was scared and alone. The doctors rushed my to surgery only to have to go back 6 months later and do it again. 2 years later, I felt like I never wanted to be in another hospital or see another doctor. However, I was very great full to be alive and clean. I thanks God for you that they found it now when it's treatable and not later. Take a small computer or start reading find something to do while your waiting it will take your mind off of what happening and the time it take. Go with a happy heart while we pray that they get all of it. We love you. Linda & Peter

  3. You have our positive support, thoughts and prayers. Please lean on all of us - we want to support you and do what we can to help out.
    Love, Andy and Dave Sikkink

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Hope your week gets on Track after the holiday. Watching a bit of the olympics, They share some success stories. Life can be so hard at times for some. but the power of friendship and good energy can really help.
    In the years i have gotten to know you you have been a great support and member of the Kai mana Team. We just need to show our support and love for friends. I am sure it different to get attention in this way. But we should all do more for Humane reasons.
    Go with the flow and use this energy for your benefit . we are ready to help you fight your battle

    lots of aloha