Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ok-we have to laugh sometime right. I finally have some time where I can now start opening the pile of medical bills and HMSA statements that seem to arrive daily. What a racket this really is and I just have to laugh. I get my statement for the surgery at Queen's and the first thing I notice is an "Insurance Adjustment." This adjustment as they call it is almost 75% of the total bill. I guess this just validates the Insurance companies rational for raising rates again and again-hell if you didn't have the insurance,think you'd see that discount-WTF. We don't need to address the Anesthesiologist-we all know how fast he was back on the golf course. The one however that really got me-"Recovery Room - $1,000" HELLO-you mean the little volunteer there that kept asking me questions and feeding me ice chips as I came out of it.....a thousand bucks-hell I didn't even get a massage for that-We're all in the wrong business!

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