Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm full!!

With the exception of a seemingly ever ending drip-I'M FULL and almost certainly glowing. The 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) is being administered over three 24-hour cycles and why apparently I had to do this inpatient. The other 2 chemos being used are the real nasties and with doses of Docetaxel and Cis-platin completed, thus far, knock on wood-all is good. The nurse tells me I have passed stages in the treatment cycle cleanly where other patients faltered but there are many more hurdles so we're pounding the hydration drip bags and Gatorade and I can only hope to say the same in the morning and we'll just read all about these alleged side effects instead of living them...... but time will tell. Good Night-I think...these places are loud!


  1. Hey Jeff,
    Glad you have day one under your belt. Jack was treated with Cisplatin and 5FU also. His 5FU was administered for 4 days (24/7)during the chemo cycle. He was not hospitalized. He had a fanny pack with the drug and a pump that went into his port. If you are hating the hospital and the 5FU is the only thing keeping you there ask about the fanny pack/pump/port.


  2. Same thing for me and even know no port yet just that *** line (drawing a blank), probably doing the same on Saturday (4th bag) so Im not stuck through the weekend so long as no other issues