Saturday, February 27, 2010

Change of focus

Guess I'm in the good place today as if this tsunami does hit-I have generators, a full refrigerator and lots of toilet paper. My friend Jen popped in as a house on the water in Aina Haina not a good place to be right now. I can only assume this does mean escaping today is no longer an option-Hell all the doctors are either, a) evacuating their said beachfront homes or, b) moving the boat out of the harbor-LOL- Back to the news and good luck-hope this is a non event but they are taking it seriously here in Hawaii.

BTW-another night for me that fortunately was uneventful! Thanks


  1. sheez Santa Cruz had the beaches closed & the waves almost looked like Hawaiian size. at least to me. I can only imagine there. get some rest & wishing you home soon. loves across the pacific

  2. Can you please give us an update on "your neighbor" with the alzheimers....he sounds like an interesting fellow.......thx, Booger

  3. Hey Jeff, sounds like so far, so good! We're thinking about you and hoping that it keeps up!