Thursday, February 25, 2010

The first 24

Uneventful...but I'LL TAKE IT! The first 24 hours have passed since they loaded me up with nothing to report. Big caution flags are being waved that even know I made it through this part, this time, essentially unaffected is great, but starting 48 to 72 hours after is another known speed bump. Gee thanks! As I said in a post somewhere, I just keep trying to look around the corner for that lurking train trying to blindside me. Day by day for know and it looks like with the combination of my reaction to the treatment as well as admissions issues, if I do not want to stay until Monday (I'll pass) they are looking at letting me escape Saturday with a to go bag that has the last 24 hours of 5-FU and a travel pump. Ironic the difference in this stuff and no wonder I have that nice "Biohazard" sign in from of my room. They are willing to let me actually take home 5-FU, yet last night when they were preparing and loading up the other two treatments....the nurse has a friggen hazmat type suit on. HELLO! is there an anthrax warning I missed. "Oh no Mr Davis, this is quite toxic and we can't get it on our skin." Really now? Can I tell you how much that helps me as a patient and builds my confidence SO MUCH as I sit here in these obviously NOT SO similarly protective shorts and short sleeve smock you provided me with for this event-further you do realize this will be being pumped INTO my body-all the while you have the heavy duty going on, super gloves and all-I swear if she were to have put on the hood and mask.........

Anyway as I said-feeling very fortunate thus far and hope it continues but off to get some rest

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