Friday, February 5, 2010

Introducing MD Anderson

Fridays are my usual sailing night and we are coming into whatever part of the racing season I might be able to salvage and I hate to miss the opportunity, however, I am so frustrated at the week and am dead tired but need to get some real work done, do a Costco run for my chili before I can just relax. I shoot my friend and boat owner Dee an e-mail that I'll probably not make the festivities tonight. She comes back and asks what the final results were and I tell her. She then goes on about her old boss who had a very similar diagnosis and went to MD Anderson in Houston with fabulous results. She loops me into an e-mail chain with him and he invited me to contact him at any time and refers me to his blog. Not 30 minutes later the name is again mentioned in a conversation with another friend. This evening, my mother tells me she was at her Doctors office today and tells him of my problem. He literally gets on his knees and prays for her to get me out of here-don't let anyone in Hawaii touch him, get him to Houston to MD Anderson and if his doctor won't write a letter of recommendation...he will. Finally over cocktails at the club, the name is circulated and mentioned in the high regard. Never heard of the place before lunch and now numerous accolades in a matter of hours....Guess some research on MD Anderson is in order this weekend

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